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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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years in the making, now, history is about to be saved. the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge has been decided and it is just 19 days away. good evening,. the signs are up and the new plan is the old plan. close the bay bridge for 5 days starting the week after next and then open the new eastern span to traffic on september 3rd. we have the historic milestone set back in motion more than 23
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years ago. >> reporter: certainly is historic. right let me show you, you can see the cars moving on the old span. not many out there on the new span. that is three weeks, they have to hope to have people out there driving on it. >> reporter: the opening of the new eastern span has had many twists and turns as the temporary s-curve that they now navigate. but before the new span opens it has to close. >> it will be a tough weekend. and, it is a long time. it is a really long time. >> the 5-day closure will allow the crews to align the new tunnel at the island and tackle the larger job of rerouteing and repaving the traffic lanes connecting the new span to the toll plaza my will make the action unanimous and labor day it is. >> reporter: they voted to allow a temporary fix on the
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cracked bolts. allowing them to reenforce the bolt area until workers install a permanent steel. >> the existing bridge is the one folks should be worried about. that is the one they should not be trusting. >> reporter: drivers will need to take detours on other bridges. >> we might inconconvenience some drivers. >> reporter: oakland a's have games every day of the closure plus the pride festival will be going on in oak land. for others, such as this taxi driver, the closure will mean losing money, taking people to b.a.r.t instead of across the bay. the ride is $12. this, $35. yes, savings. >> reporter: limited access on the western span will be restricted to treasure island residents and people on business. bridge officials are hoping to avoid delays so they can open by 5:00 a.m.
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on september 3rd. reporting live, back to you. more details now. the chp plans to close the bridge after the evening commute on wednesday august 28th. the bridge will remain closed thursday 29th, friday the 30th, saturday the 31st, sunday the first of september and monday labor day september 2nd. a new span is expected to open in time for the morning commute on tuesday september 3rd. stay with ktvu news for continuing coverage of the work that needs to be done while the bridge is closed and the long awaited opening of the new eastern span. >> when the bridge is closed b.a.r.t says they plan to run trains around-the-clock. they say they will offer limited 24-hour service. they will not operate overnight into tuesday morn sog crews can conduct inspections, at least one rider we talked with said she will avoid riding b.a.r.t during the closure because there will be too many people. >> it can get a little overwhelming. so, i don't think i will be out in it not if pidon't have to
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be. >> reporter: b. >> b.a.r.t says details are being finalized including when and which stations will be open 24 hoursism the two sides in the b.a.r.t labor dispute are still cooling off. a court order prevents the unions from going on strike for 60 days, today is day 4 of the cooling off period. we spoke with a b.a.r.t official within the past hour. she says the two sides have not been back to the bargaining stkpaeubl are waiting for a mediator to set a -- bargain inning table and are waiting for both sides to get back to talking. now, 106kmel confirms gomez is no longer with the station, but his dj page has been taken down from the web site, several of the more than 15,000 twitter followers have tweeted their support today gomez responded
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to one saying his run at kmel ended after 20 years and there will be more to come. now, to our continuing coverage of the unrest in egypt. there was more violence in cairo today as the official death toll rose to 638 with thousands more injured. president barack obama today strongly condemned the crack down by egypt government. >> new at 10:00, we are live in santa clara where people attending a kapbd lit vigil tonight say they knew some of those who were killed, marines. >> just about half an hour ago, the last few minutes we saw the final attendees leave. 150 people gathered at the intersection across from this road and they read tweets from people in egypt. we learned of two dozen people from egypt with one grieving family member speaking to us and sharing his story tonight.
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>> these are people like us who's lives were cut short, suddenly. >> reporter: dozens of people with their own ties of egypt held candles and wore white in a way to honor those killed. >> that is my brother-in-law. >> reporter: he says his brother-in-law, 37-year-old man is among the hundreds killed in cairo yesterday. >> we were told he was shot yesterday by someone within the field hospital. we could not get ahold of him this morning when his id went on tv and people started saying this is an unclaimed body. this is his id. >> we showed him a photo and photos of his brother-in-law and two young children. tonight they prayed as the sun went down and lit candles and american and egyptian flags and they say they usually stay away from egyptian politics but they had to be herein cluing this gentleman who is about to start the first year here at the university. >> if i agree with their poe
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decision is important to honor the fact that they protested -- -- i don't agree with their position but it is important to honor the fact that they protested for it. >> reporter: attendees made clear it is not about one side or the other but making a point about freedom of speech. reporting live tonight on the border of santa clara and san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. >> new developments tonight in the ntsb probe of a deadly car crash. investigators recovered the voice recorders from the wreck edge of the flight. they plan to determine if the data is entacted by tomorrow. the airbus went down in a field near the airport. they say this is no sign of engine failure or a fire before impact. the pilots were identified today, one from north carolina and the other from tennessee. dozens of children were tested this evening for something that
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does not show any obvious symptoms. children took their children to hayward to get their blood tested for lead poisoning. more than 400,000 homes there were built before the 1978 ban on lady in paint. >> lead is still prevalent. found in paint. >> in the past five years more than 3,000 children in the county have been found to have lead poisoning. severe cases can effect a child's mental and physical development and the levels could be fatal. the sheriff's office is asking for help tonight to hoeicate a woman who has been missing since early july. the 66-year-old lives in hayward and last seen by her roommate five weeks ago but was only reported missing yesterday. family members say that she may have medical and mental health issues. she is described as 5 '6 and
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145 pounds. anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact the authorities. a helicopter airlifted an 8- year-old girl to oakland children's hospital late this afternoon after she fell from a tree. fire officials say the girl was climbing the tree at a home when a tree limb snapped and she fell to the ground and the limb fallen on top of her. she was taken to a park to be flown to the hospital. a judge sentenced two young men convicted for a gang rape. both men received long prison terms and today both men also heard from the girl they attacked. >> the first defendant, was 20, the second defendant was 18 at the time now 22.
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he spoke to apologize. [indiscernible] impacted her life, her family's lives and our family's lives. >> the victim was heard from as well. an advocate read a letter on her behalf. >> i struggled and struggled. here i am three to four years later still struggling. having nightmares, flashbacks ... >> reporter: multiple male adults assaulted her at richmond high. she was beaten, sexually assaulted. left for dead, her life, changed forever. >> here i am 20 years of age and still fighting for my high school diploma. >> the men were committed for rape and other rape charge >> that a human being can dehumanize somebody to the extent that jane doe was. >> reporter: 30 years to life and 29 years to life because he was a juvenile at the time. >> i think that today's judge
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announced a sentence that was justice and certainly that is what we are interested in. the yesterday. >> reporter: last year two other men were given lighter sentences and they agreed to testify in this case and two additional men have dates in court. they face lesser charges related to the assault. back to you. this bay area building was used to traffic young girls. tonight the plan to use it to transform the community. plus, could have a damp drive to work tomorrow. where to expect morning drizzle. >> next, residents in an iconic neighborhood are happy about the trash. the one group they want banned from the streets. >> i would be bothers.
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residents of a historic neighborhood are fighting for a law to keep tour buses away. new at 10:00, patty lee reports where residents are saying they are fed up with the traffic that made their street famous. >> reporter: tourists arrive for a look at the painted ladies, the prominently homes featured in "full house." they say he can hear tour bus guides on their loudspeakers identifying his home where the twins lived. >> it is not any of these houses. >> reporter: they have been fighting for two years to force buses carrying 9 or more people to stay away. they are tired of the
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congestion. haft year the city ordered tour buses to park on one specific corner. but that just launched new complaints by people. >> walking people now. but we heard feedback in the community in that area where they don't want the buses there. >> reporter: we went out to find out how residents cope with living on a street that attracted millions of visitors a year. >> it can be backed up all of the way back here. that is about seven blocks. >> long time resident says he has learned to embrace the attention from tourists because north change keep them away. >> yes. >> reporter: some question why people choose to live in touristy neighbored hoods and then complain. >> i would not say they have anymore right to quiet than these people. >> reporter: others say they would never put up with it. >> you have a certain amount of privacy you should expect on your own street that is beautiful. >> reporter: and patty tells us tomorrow morning transportation panel will sit
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down with residents and listen to their complaints. one option on the table rerouteing buses on fulton street that is on the other end of the square. after more than 50 years in business the wax museum at san francisco fisherman's wharf chosed its doors for life. the figures on display will be sold as a collection. the building is set to be leased to another wax museum expected to open next summer. people turned out for a job at a new target store. they are hiring as many as 450 new workers. the manager told us what she thinks is bringing them in. >> just having a great attitude. >> target managers say 2,000 people applied for jobs at the new store.
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500 were walk-ins today. the job fare is going to continue tomorrow and saturday. california job numbers are due out tomorrow and economists hope they will show a modest jump in job creation for july. the state is at 8.5% based on already-released national figures. they expect california to show an increase of 18,000 new jobs in july. since the recovery started in 2010, california has add more than 800,000 net new jobs. >> san jose police union said no today to the city's latest offer. city ladierses say it go go to 9% rate. the mercury news report union officials called the offer smoke and mirrors. >> santa clara county supervisor will be officially sworn in next tuesday. chavez was elected in a special election on july 30th to replace the former supervisor.
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resigning earlier this year after pleading guilty to charges related to misusing public funds. a crack down for criminals in oakland. ktvu launched operation cease- fire. now, it is reported that arrests were made and a discussion with gang members is hopefully getting underway. >> reporter: at oakland police headquarters the police chief put out the latest crack down on crime. operation cease-fire. this exclusive video shot by ktvu early this morning shows a police mobile command unit near 95th and international one of three set up. >> last night's operation targeted individuals who we have identified who are committing crimes in the city of oakland. >> reporter: oakland's operation ended with men arrested for armed robbery and one case to force a 14-year-old to prostitute herself. >> pimps want more money.
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>> reporter: this man did not want to go on camera. but as the activity has gotten worse in many areas. >> we are learning more and more about how these individual groups are functioning as far as how they are making money through different robberies, burglaries and other crimes. >> reporter: including the death of innocent children such as 1-year-old drew jackson shot and killed along with his father last week. >> when our children have become victims of homicide completely unacceptable. >> reporter: the operation will continue its sit down sessions with gang members and let them know there is a way out. >> however, if you choose not to stop engaging in the shootings and homicides then we will stand with law enforcement. >> reporter: the police unvailed operation cease-fire last fall but only last month received a grant to fund a full time manager to oversee the program. in oakland, back to you. >> a celebration of life will
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be held tomorrow for the 1-year- old boy recently killed in oakland. drew jackson and his father, and rue thomas was shot last -- andrew thomas was shot last thursday while sleeping at a relative's home. it will be tomorrow on international boulevard. drew's mother requested nobody attending wear black. this their say $30,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction. animal rights protesters targeted the wringling brothers circus. they stood outside of this everyone's performance and handed out flyers of animal abuse. the group claims the circus company has abused elephants and other animals involved in the show. there is fog out there right now. and there is strong winds moving it. gusts at 40 miles an hour.
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the cool moist air is pushing inland. tomorrow say cooler day than today by a few degrees, not going to get cold but not as warm as in the bay area. it will be down around fremont and north bay and into santa rosa as well. partially napa and concord areas as well. and then it burns back quickly. this is your friday forecast. the highs, cooler. look at all of the yellows, upper 70s, oranges are 80s and reds are nice. the reds are pushed eastward. indicating cooling. that is a brood brush. when i come back i will give you a specific forecast high for your day tomorrow, friday, and then we will go looking at the bay area weekend in your five-day forecast. the weekend will be the warmest. two bay area hospitals fined over safety concerns and at 10:30. the fight against prostitution and two hot spots. the crack down called a victory. >> and in 3 minutes, sentencing day for a cyclist convicted of
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hundreds of city workers ended their 3-day strike today. the union held one last rally at city hall. contract talks between the union and the city broke off last month. three50 workers walked off of the job on tuesday. at issue were salaries and employee contributions to pension and health benefits. the city officials say they are willing to schedule a special meeting to support bargaining if the union and the city negotiation teams continue to talk. fined $50,000 for september 2011 incident. a temporary nurse hired to work
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during a strike gave a patient a drug through a feeding tube and the patient died. the victim's family have strict words for the person who took their loved one. [everyone talking at once] >> reporter: 37-year-old christopher said fewer than five words at his sentencing for felony vehicular manslaughter in a march 20 u.n. 12 death of a 71-year-old man he was struck as the cyclist came down the hill in the castro district. the case generated outrage
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after he was said to have posted an online tribute to his helmet that cracked in the cross walk collision. >> anybody who has an ounce of empathy for anyone would understand that was an ina propiat post. >> reporter: underwent a plea deal he received 3 years probation, 1,000 hours of community service but no prison time. in court, wei's son spoke on how his father's death devastated the family and he told him please do not squander the second chance you have to become a good and compassionate person and not be the person you were after the post on my father. >> my father taught me to give people a second chance. no matter what happens. >> reporter: assisting the elderly, building low income housing or aiding victims of traumatic head injuries. >> those are the things that we are hoping he would do. you know, to a tone for the life that he has taken. >> he did not address the
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victim's family but his lawyer told the judge that he would be willing to serve community service in the way that the wei's requested. the cia is acknowledging the existence of a super secret area 51 in newly declassified documents. george washington university national security archive recently received a cia history of the plane with mentions of area 51. previous versions of the history have taken it to nevada where the government is throughout to test weapon and intelligence tools. researchers say it suggests the cia is less secutive about the existence of area 51. from new guards to new locks. security changes made at bay area campuses as students go back to cool. but up first, a reputation for prostitution. now this mottle is about to be torn down. the community is calling it a
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the city of oakland is declaring a small victory tonight in a fight against prostitution. a hotel in east hook land has been sold under court order. ktvu amber lee is live in oakland to tell us what will go up in its place, amber? julie, the city attorney is leading the effort. tonight we spoke with community members who are handing out the flyers to offer help to women and children who have been lured in the human sex trafficking. desperate for love they fall for any type of jive people have to sell them.
10:30 pm
>> reporter: it was still light out tonight when we saw several women, at least one may have been a minor walking the streets. just steps from a hotel that was once a hub for prostitution. the name is covered back to you. the city attorney's office says it uncovered an overwhelming amount of evidence of prostitution to convince the supreme court to shutdown the hotel. some say it is an important victory my think it is a wonderful thing. >> recently the property was sold to two oakland business owners. they tell me they plan to tear down the hot skpel build a strip mall with a lot of space on top and restaurants on the bottom. >> take care of it. >> reporter: these two women are outreach workers for the baptist church. their mission, helping young women and children trapped in prostitution by offers basics. >> this is no place for them. the emergency housing almost
10:31 pm
always is full. >> these waoepl say they would like -- these women say they would like to see them turned into safe houses. >> this is my way of saying i honor who she was. and it just really pains me. >> reporter: the city attorney tells me it is monitoring other businesses suspected of prostitution activities and hopes to shut them down, too, when it gets enough evidence. reporting live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. an 18-year-old accused of killing a bicyclist with his car is now being charged with murder. hall was originally charged with vehicular homicide but yesterday the defense was upgraded to murder. the officials say the change is due in part to what the teen posted on twitter. prosecutors say he bragged about driving fast and going on a quote death ride. in june, 58-year-old diana herst was hit and killed during
10:32 pm
a bike ride and her husband was injured. thieves in the east bay staged a raid at the tiffany's store. four men backed a stolen truck right through the front door of the famous jewelers at 5:45 this morning. investigators released a picture this afternoon taken by a nearby surveillance camera. they say the image includes the stolen truck that was used for the break in and in the distance there a white chevy blazer used for the get away. the web site for "the washington post," was hacked today by a group that supports syria's president. the electric army gained access by hacking one of the business partners contact, recommendation services. some links on the web site were redirected to the syrian electric army web site. they claim to have hacked cnn and "time magazine"'s web site. trying a new way to let
10:33 pm
people make churches using their facebook log in information. allowing shopper who's have given their credit card numbers to make punches on participating on e-commerce sites without entering more information. it is a test and the company has no desire to compete with other web payment systems such as paypal. news from walmart in a forecast of low sales triggered a sell off on wall street. they lost 225 points the largest one day drop in two months. tphaz deck took nasdaq took a bigger hit. now, a 6.8 quake was felt strongly in new zealand's capitol where it is already friday. workers ran from buildings during the shaking. quake hit the same area about three weeks ago. newzealand authorities did not issue a tsunami warning and this were no initial reports of
10:34 pm
injuries. in lebanon today, three people died in an explosion. they threatened to target them for supporting his regime during the syrian civil war. it is the second blast in the area in more than a month. reporting the first human west nile virus-related death of the year. public health services says an 83-year-old woman from stockton died from complications related to the virus. people 50 years of age and older have a higher chance of getting sick suffering serious symptoms related to the virus. in contra costa county dead bird says sure sign the virus is present there. six more dead birds were found. most of them in eastern contra costa county. two birds discovered in brentwood. in about 30 minutes crews are expected to be out fogging parts of san jose. work is scheduled to begin at
10:35 pm
11:00 and will take place in the area east county straight, north 19th street and 23rd street. so far santa clara county has one confirmed human case of west nile virus. 14 cases statewide including two deadly. an actress that rose to family on "that '70's show" has died. the 43-year-old died in her sleep yesterday. a few days earlier she had voluntarily checked herself into a rehab facility for treatment of an alcohol problem. she played foreman's older sister, lori on the show from 1998-2003. her cause of death is unknown. we will have the complete bay area forecast. up first, a shark attack off of maui. how the woman got to shore and
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her condition tonight. [ male announcer ] what is performance?
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the best or nothing. that is what drives us. the officials in hawaii reopened a beach on maui one day after a shark severed the right arm of a german tourist. a maui fire department spokesperson says the woman in her 20s were snorkeling when she screamed and called it for help. friends in a near and a kayaker brought her to shore. she is said to be in critical condition. it is the fourth shark attack this year in the waters off of maui. the police in san jose increased patrols today after an armed man attacked two students on campus. it happened yesterday as classes were letting out. a former student was on her laptop, waiting for a friend when a man with a gun tried to take her computer. a 17-year-old student stepped in to help that girl, the
10:39 pm
suspect struck him in the head and then ran away. >> was it a gun or bb gun we don't know? >> sources say there is no video of the assault but they do have images of a man who may be responsible entering the campus. as students head back to school many campuses are taking a closer look at security and even before the attack in san jose some schools were taking extra steps to keep students safe. >> tarting a new school year can be daunting enough for students and parents. >> i am nervous and excited. >> yes. >> reporter: it is ryan's first year in public school as a sophomore and his mom is just hearing about a student pistol- whipped in san jose. what do you do? >> what do you do? seriously? i don't know. all we can do is hope for the best. >> any time something happens anywhere there is a chance for us to learn and improve what we
10:40 pm
can do. >> reporter: associateiat superintendent says antioch unified has done a lot in the last year. among the changes the district hired a private security firm to patrol campuses. >> having them stationary does snot always work as good as when you have two cars that move around because they can see the things in and around your side. >> martinez unified said it completed an overhall from changing locks to improving evacuation plans. san ramoan has new locks. >> we called a dozen bay area school districts today. many said asking everyone to be more vigilant than ever is part of their plan. this mom says it is all part of growing up. she and her son have to accept it. >> this is the real world, right? you can not live sheltered your whole life. >> the private security firm they are using here cost the district $165,000 a year. berkeley said they budged a
10:41 pm
$50,000. they could present new proposals next month. >> back to you. >> back to school session with back to school days to start the year off on the right way and a and reporters on their school days. >> the demolition kwraou crews plan to bring down the building. what the process could reveal. a cat data base was helped to convict a killer. >> plus, the change is on the way just in time for your weekend.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
crews are getting ready to take down a 13 story building at cal state east bay. bay area seismologist are watching it closely.
10:44 pm
>> reporter: lee baker's view for decades commanded by cal state's warren hall. >> every time i look out my back window i see that building. and now it will be gone. it will change my whole perspective. [ laughter ] >> reporter: along the road to baker's place today scientists installed monitoring to watch the fault. >> the more we know about it the more we can do to mitigate the effects of a dangerous fault. >> reporter: contractors say they are using 430 pounds of high explosive on precise timers to buckle one side and let gravity do the work. >> the actual fall time for the structure is going to be some place between 7 and 8 seconds. >> the concrete will be crushed on site and used for a downination of the new warren hall replacement building. >> reporter: 6,000 tons of steel will be sold for scrap overseas, contractors say they are so good at this the library
10:45 pm
50 feet away will not see knicks. >> they will be disappointed. >> why? >> it will be a little thump. >> i hope we are not disappointed. these are sensitive instruments. >> they asked news helicopter to stay away. the public is invited to this k- mart parking lot for the best view. remarkably low clouds could reflect sound energy. because of that problem with clouds, the contractor can only say it will be some time after 9:00 a.m. on saturday that this building will come down. in hayward, ktvu channel 2 news. and you can watch the warren hall implosion live right here on channel 2 and live streamed on if it is delayed past 10:00 we will bring it to you on-line. regulators opened an investigation following revelations that the controversial practice of
10:46 pm
fracking has quietly taken place since the late '90s. that is is acording to a review by the associated press. it is used to recovery oil and gas by pumping water, sand and chemicals into the ground at high pressure. the coastal commission says it was not even aware that it was happening. largely because of the agencies involved in the off shore drilling approval process. it will be a few more years before joe montan's hotel and restaurant goes up across the street from the stadium. plan was for the project to open along with the stadium next august but after more than a year of tpheg orb negotiations they have not agreed on the value of the land. hopefully it will be open for february 2016. obesity is killing more americans than previously
10:47 pm
thought. researchers say 18.2% of deaths in the u.s. between 1986 and 2000 six can be attributed to obesity. higher than previous estimates of 5%. they also say obesity could reverse the steady trend of longer life span for a generation of young americans. unique analysis done at uc davis helped convict a murderer over seas. it started with a cat hair found on a curtain wrapped around the body of a man in england. the cat hair dna was studied at a veterinarian lab at uc davis. the only one in the nation. the results were sent to england where they matched the cat belonging to the victim's next door neighbor. always exciting -- >> always exciting when we hear our work made a difference in someone's lives. >> it helped scotland yard solve a murder in 2000 involving a dog. there was fog on the hills today. that fog kind of stuck around
10:48 pm
coast side all day. a little bit of clearing up. there it is this afternoon. kind of see the depth of the marine layer. about the tower, going about 1800 feet. when you look at it. the base of the tower -- the tower base is 1,000 feet or just under 1,000 feet. you see the inversion where the clouds were today. about 1200 feet. now, tomorrow, that inversion or that marine layer will thicken a little bit. when it does the temperatures will begin to cool a little more. these are the highs today with that 1200 foot inversion. going to stretch out a little more. each day the temperatures will trend down a little bit. a little more fog nights and mornings and the temperatures slightly cooler in the inland bay valleys. so, the marine layer stretches out a bit as we go into the next few days, that is because of a weak low pressure center going to the coastline. the fog right now you can see it pushing across the bay. you can see the fog in ocean beach and pacificca. overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s and low 60s and a chance for drizzle. certainly along the highway and right up along the beach and
10:49 pm
pacificca. so, the forecast for tonight and look for the fog to return. patchy drizzle. more fog tomorrow, slightly cooler and the bay area weekend, steady as is she goes. low pressure, warm morning fog on friday and a cooling trend. the pattern has been repeating itself. the temperatures, 3-5-6 degrees cooler. you know, it creates a slower commute. these are the forecast highs tomorrow slightly cooler. the hot spots, vacaville, cheer lake, at the edges of the bay area, because the heat in the central valley but the cool moist marine flow will keep the temperatures around here around the bay a little cooler. then, 91 in brentwood, livermore, i mentioned it earlier. windy out there. winds blowing as it always is blowing. gusting, 40 miles an hour. that is pushing the moist air
10:50 pm
inland. in the stpaoeupbts they will come down a few degrees, too. modesto and sacramento. -- -- in the 90s, they will come down a few degrees, too. modesto and sacramento. now, we have not been talking about bay area fires, that is good. the paterns we have is been seeing all summer long has been helpful in the area. the next few days, steady as she goes. warmer. >> all right. thank you. >> yes. thank you. the clock is ticking for a bay area powerball winner to claim their prize, patching 5 winning numbers was bought from a gas station worth $250,000. lottery officials say it will expire november 11th. if the winner does not come forward the money will be transferred to california's public school system. major league baseball owners heard a revolutionary plan to expand the use of
10:51 pm
instant replay. currently only the home plate umpire can call for a review and only for boundary calls, a committee including former big league manager suggests that managers be allowed to make limited challenges, one in the first 6 innings and two more from the 7th inning through the end of the game. the owners will vote on the matter during the next meeting in november in orlando, florida. >> all right, mark joins us now with good news tonight for a's and giants fans. >> yes, been awhile since we have been able to talk about this. got the business taken care of early. the here and now. not looking gooded for the a's but the future, sunnier. yes, youngster throws a butty for the first big league win. shutout ball. getting plenty of help right off of the bat. another youngster, 1st baseman does not get a lot. getting himself a 2-run double down the right field line here. scoring lowery. 4-4 on the game. this one leaves the yard.
10:52 pm
deep and gone. 2-run shot. a's build a 5-0 lead over the astros, sunny great. the second big league start. 8 innings, giving up 4 hits, no runs, struck out 9. that is the first big league victory extra. impressive, rangers on. a's gain a half game. they are 1.5 behind in the al west. >> just like the good old days that were not that long ago. it just seems that way. giants down 2 runs, down to the haft strike. looking like defending champs for the first time in a long time. they were down 3-0. when the comeback begins, brandon belt. racing hot lately. harris, the victim of the 15th home run, down 3-1. same score, 2 on, 2 out, full count to hector sanchez, going to the right. down the right field line. a 3-run shot. 31 deficit. suddenly a 4-3 victory. not before price harper is
10:53 pm
roughed up by crawford to start the 9th inning, look at it again. that is is just full, lay it out. he is and his 29th save and the giants pull it out 4-3 in d.c. football, though, taking center stage tomorrow. even if it is preseason. raiders off to new orleans. 9ers renew alex smith. hear what the quarterback has to say about harbaugh and company next
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
kansas city, the place where former quarterbacks go to end their career. but, steve beyond the scopeo, joe, now, alex smith. sanfrancisco has the luxury of being able to trade a quarterback of alex's caliber to the chiefs. now they will see him up close and personal in a kansas city uniform that will be tomorrow night in kc. although it will be a brief appearance, of course, if you are expecting a revenge them from alex, forget it. this guy, nothing but kind words words from the former employee. >> the crew, the last couple of years, you know, we disagreed with what happened last year but you move on from it.
10:57 pm
so, no, not directed at him at all. >> meantime, of course, throughout the years you hear various and sometimes odd ball ways managers and coaches try to motivate their players, that is right. joe madden, tampa bay rays, brought in a python. what does it have to do with motivation? he tuesday in his research he found 2013 is the year of the snake on the chinese calendar and it has risk taking and creative thinking. he says he wants more out of his tampa bay rays. [ laughter ] >> 20 foot python laying around. i think it was a stretch, though. >> yes. >> you can tell by the reaction of some of the players, shaking their heads. >> yes, makes more sense if the diamond backs did it. that is the sports lineup. >> thank you. thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning team will be here at 4:30 a.m.
10:58 pm
weather, traffic every 10 minutes and of course, we are always here for you on twitter and your mobile device. thanks for watching, everyone. have a great day.
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